Travelogue: My Journey through Brazil and Wakanda and how I became too woke to sleep

Jericoacora was home to some fantastic dunes and sunsets
The culture never dies
Two of Rio’s favelas (Vidigal and Rocinha): informal hillside communities sometimes situated right next to the wealthiest neighborhoods.

“Now comes the necessity to devise some method of dealing with it [the Negro problem]. You of the United States are keeping the blacks as an entirely separate element, and you are not treating them in a way that fosters their self-respect. They will remain a menacing element in your civilization, permanent, and perhaps even after a while a growing element. With us, the question tends to disappear, because the blacks themselves tend to disappear and become absorbed…”

The painting “The Redemption of Ham” by Modesto Brocos features a black grandmother, mixed-race mother, white father and white baby. The grandmother stands to the left with her hands raised in prayer, praising God that her grandson is white.
Brazilian soccer star Pele has been married three times, never to a black woman.



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