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  • Brian M. Williams, JD

    Brian M. Williams, JD

    Writer, Traveler, Educator, Mardi Gras DJ with a JD. Author of “Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea” and “When a Stolen Child Returns.”

  • Surafel G.

    Surafel G.

    Interested in development and poverty policy

  • Tristam Pratorius the Social Democrat🌹

    Tristam Pratorius the Social Democrat🌹

    Social democrat. Socialist. I like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Eduard Bernstein. Social democracy as a theory is aimed at achieving socialism democratically

  • Kristine Hadeed

    Kristine Hadeed

    Multi-racial entrepreneur, educator, and activist. Advocating for the liberation and dignity of all people.

  • Monica Harris

    Monica Harris

    Unplugged from our distorted reality. Check out my book, “Reality Bites: Insights on Bridging the American Divide.” https://tinyurl.com/realitybitesbook

  • Steve QJ

    Steve QJ

    Race. Politics. Culture. Sometimes other things. Almost always polite. Find more at https://steveqj.substack.com

  • Cleola Payne

    Cleola Payne

  • Daniel Obembe

    Daniel Obembe

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